Here’s what you should know about HIIT, the most populer of the last days, whose name you often hear:

What is HIIT (High Density Training)?

HIIT is called our high intensity training in our language. Training consists of periods of work and rest, and it is very important to be fully aware of these periods.

The working period can be from 5 seconds to 8 minutes per period and period of active cardio or strength training. In this period the pulse should be between 80% and 95% of the maximum pulse. (You can calculate the maximum heart rate with the [220-age] formula.) Following this period should be the rest period. The rest period should be the same length as the working period and follow it. If you have cardio in the study period, you should continue doing the same training at lower intensity; If you have been in power training, stop in the rest period. The most important point in the rest period is that the pulse rate must be between 40% or 50% of the maximum pulse rate.

In HIIT training, working and rest periods progress in a row and the total training length is between 20 and 60 minutes.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

  • Makes you fit
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol regulation
  • Supports heart health
  • Insulin balances
  • Prevents fat around the waist and strengthens the muscles.

Why is HIIT so popular?

Because HIIT is a comprehensive exercise type. It can be applied to body types with special conditions such as diabetes and obesity. It can also be adapted to many types of exercise such as cycling, walking and swimming. In addition to these, another increase is more support for calorie and fat burning than traditional work. This rate sometimes ranges from 6 percent to 15 percent!

Another reason why HIIT is popular in the world is that the body continues to burn calories after the training. That is, after exercise, the body consumes much more energy and continues to burn calories for 2 hours as it tries to return to the pre-exercise conditions (stability). In fact, this is called EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption).

How can you organize a HIIT program?

How are you going to do the HIIT training that both burns calories and puts your body in shape?

As we have said, the length of the rest periods as well as the length and intensity of the working periods are also important in terms of being ready for the next training. If you feel between “heavy” and “very heavy” work, you are doing a good workout. You can always apply the “speech test” to yourself to understand how hard your training is. If you are having difficulty talking to someone while you are practicing, we can say that you are practicing hard. Remember to reduce the pulse to between 40% and 50% during the rest period when you are around 80% of your maximum pulse. For example, after 3 minutes of high intensity work, you have to rest for 3 minutes by doing the same exercise at low speed.

What are the health risks of HIIT work?

For those with a more stable lifestyle, high-intensity exercises can increase the risk of coronary disease. However, genetic traits, cigarette consumption, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol imbalance and obesity will increase this risk. Doctor approval is important before starting HIIT. You have to be at a certain health level. This level of health is sometimes referred to as the “bottom level of health”. You can reach the baseline health level with a moderate level aerobics run for 3-5 weeks, 20 to 60 minutes a week for several weeks. In addition, being in a suitable health condition plays a major role in preventing injury to the musculoskeletal system that may occur during exercise.

Also, the most important thing to ensure safety when starting HIIT is to keep the frequency and level of operation at a level that will force you, but not ruin it. Remember, security must always be your priority.

How many HIIT studies can be done per week?

Since HIIT is more tiring than standard work, it needs to rest and rejuvenate the body afterwards. It can be started once a week with HIIT and other normal level studies. When you feel ready, you can take HIIT work out twice a week.
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