Podcast Ep 38: Toni Carey of Black Girls Run

Talk about finding a need and kicking major booty as you meet that need! Our special guest is Toni Carey and she helped create Black Girls Run back in 2009 to help women of color find their bliss in running shoes. Since then she has literally helped hundreds of thousands of women get...

Lucky’s Take: A Review for the Dogs

There is a lot more to dog ownership than just heaping on the love. Like us, our furry companions need plenty of fresh air and exercise to keep them happy and good quality nutrition to keep them healthy. Two pet food brands that have our dogs’ best interest at heart — newcomer Austin and...

Glycerin 15 Giveaway and How You Can Score a Brooks Endorsement Deal

Ever thought it would be super duper cool to land an endorsement deal for running? Like, that would be the best gig ever, right? Get paid to run? Well, now you can brag to all of your friends and family that you’re officially an endorsed runner with Brooks Running through what’s being called...

Meet the Mom Who Plans to Run 100 Miles in 24 Hours

In a few days, on June 24 and 25, 48-year-old mom Bree Lambert will run The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. As if that accomplishment itself weren’t impressive, inspiring, exhausting, challenging or simply amazing enough, her goal is to finish with a time under 24 hours. If you’re not familiar with this racing format (or maybe...

Podcast Episode 36: Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Workout Expert Sara Haley

Whoa, baby! Ready to bust some pre- and post-pregnancy fitness myths? Then get ready to learn a WHOLE LOT from fitness expert Sara Haley because we get down into the nitty gritty details about all things pregnancy when trying to exercise, plus how to properly recover after giving birth. (Seriously — get ready...

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

It’s getting hot out there, and we thought, hey, why not do something extra cool (see what we did there?) … for you and your pup? Something like a special giveaway — for U.S. and Canadian readers! — from Kurgo! After all, they make some of our favorite doggie gear. Kurgo will give away...

Podcast Episode 34: Greg McQuaid

It’s time to be utterly charmed by the lovely accent of today’s Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast interview with “Irish” Greg McQuaid. Greg spent many years on San Francisco radio and became famous on air as a proud ex-smoker who took up marathon running to break up with a terrible habit. He is now on the...

Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 32: Yoga Expert Sage Rountree

If you’re a runner, cyclist or CrossFit enthusiast who is looking to incorporate more yoga into your life, today’s show is just for you! In this episode we talk with the truly wise Sage Rountree, who has written several books for jocks who need more yoga in their lives. You’re going to love...

Editors’ Picks: Our 9 Favorite Posts

Yesterday you had your turn, and today it’s ours to share our favorite posts from the past year! Our picks are a mix of reflection, gratitude and body positivity. Because the last year brought some changes: Erin went on a new adventure, and we launched not only a podcast and an online weight-loss program but...

Our 9 Most Popular Posts

I feel like we say this every year for our birthday when we share the most popular posts from the year, but seriously: YOU GUYS HAVE THE BEST TASTE. The nine posts (nine to celebrate our nine years in the webosphere, obviously!) you read the most on FBG are everything we love about...


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