Six Quotes to Inspire The Best Summer

Aaahhh, summer! The grill is fired up,...

Meet the Mom Who Plans to Run 100 Miles in 24 Hours

In a few days, on June 24 and 25, 48-year-old mom Bree Lambert will run The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. As if that accomplishment itself weren’t impressive, inspiring, exhausting, challenging or simply amazing enough, her goal is to finish with a time under 24 hours. If you’re not familiar with this racing format (or maybe...

How to Successfully Transition From Road Running to Trail Running

Are you a road runner who wants to venture onto less-traveled trails? If running the same paved route is starting to feel monotonous, then developing your trail-running skills and spending more time in a natural environment could be your ticket to better — and happier — running and fitness. But many women view trail...

How to Combat the Trump 10

It’s no secret that our current political climate is stressful — and, honestly, that’s true regardless of which side of the aisle you fall on, because whether you or not you’re on board with the Trump administration, it seems there’s always something in the news to make your stomach churn. So yeah. Unless you’re...

How to Ditch the All-or-Nothing Mentality

I remember the lure of the all-in mentality back in my pre-FBG yo-yo dieting days. It felt so good to be so motivated and committed. Like, this was it! This was the time I was truly going to make a change and never eat/always eat whatever food again. That day 1 feeling was...

Podcast Episode 35: Meredith Attwood of Swim Bike Mom

Are you ready for triple the usual inspiration? Check out this ep with the totally motivating Meredith Attwood of Swim Bike Mom who’s ready to help anyone who’s even just a teensy bit interested in triathlon get out and swim, bike and run.  If you’re reading this and thinking, “Triathlon? Me? No way! I...

94-Year-Old Woman Inspires Us All to Run With Purpose

School’s out. The weather is sort of decent some days. You may have been considering hitting the pavement and going for a nice run outside. Or maybe you’ve been telling yourself it’s time to sign up for that half marathon you’ve been thinking about for ages. Oh, just me? No. I’m sure I’m not...

5 Tips to Make This Your Fittest and Most Feel-Good Summer Ever

This post is sponsored by Pure Protein. Find more on our sponsored post policy here. Summer has unofficially started, and, guys, we are PUMPED. And it’s not just because summer means sunshine and pools (although, yes, it does mean those things and that’s awesome). It’s also because we are determined to have our fittest — and...

8 Steps to Become a Runner… For Anyone Who Doesn’t Really Like Running

Running is a love/hate-activity for most people. It takes some willpower to get going, it hurts a bit during the run, but the feel-good payoff afterward makes it worth the effort. But for others, running is just a hate-activity, as in “I hate running!” And that’s completely fine. You don’t have to run to be...

How to Build an Active Life That’ll Last a Lifetime

Today’s guest post on building an active life that’ll support you for a lifetime is from Kevin Jones, who shares his wisdom and expertise in the health and fitness industry for a number of sites across the web. He has written extensively for NordicTrack offering out-of-the-box workout plans and nutritional advice. During his...


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