A Fitness Approach That Really Can Help Everyone

While fitness is an important part of...

Why Asking For Help Actually Makes You Smart

Self-confidence and competence are well and good....

Vinyl & Mindfulness – Neghar Fonooni

For the past few years I’ve been steadily growing my vinyl collection. It all started after a trip to Ojai during which I found myself at the cutest little bar listening to records and drinking wine from a can. A gorgeous bohemian bartender threw on a record by William Onyeabor and I was transported to another place,...

Vizzini Said to go back to the beginning: A simple guide to effective journaling

I used to be the kind of person who checked email first thing in the morning.  I’d wake up at 5 am, brew a French press, and sit down at the desk in my home office. The dogs would follow along and settle into my office sofa, promptly falling back asleep. Then, to the soothing sound of...

4 Things You Should Do to Combat Desk Life

Whoever said that desk life was easy...

Winter Solstice Musings – Neghar Fonooni

Rain drops fell incessantly, the drip, drip, drop creating a symphony of serenity, of nurturing…of cleansing. It doesn’t rain very often in Southern California, so when it does it feels imperative to revel in the rarity. I had a teeming agenda for the day ahead that I’d diligently planned the night before, but the rain encouraged...

Why You Should Be Scared “Sit-Less”

You’re a few months into the new...

On Embracing Your Inner Warrior

I can’t become a warrior until I let go of being a victim. I’m wholly unashamed to admit that although I’ve been dealt this lesson over and over again during the past 3 years, I wasn’t able to fully grasp it until just recently.  The thing about the Universe is that it will keep dealing out...

The Universe is My Life Coach

2016 was a year of extreme and unexpected growth for me, which, as many of us know all too well, is just a nice way of saying that I went through a lot of shit and came out alive.  Sometimes I doubted my ability to do so, if I’m being honest, but damnit if...


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