Chicken Nugget Yoga Takes Wing

The zen-est thing to happen to fast food since Subway’s yoga mat bread. It’s so ridiculous it could be true. Chicken Nugget Yoga has taken wing! That’s a terrible pun. We’re very sorry. But not as sorry as we are about this new yoga blend. Chicken Nugget Yoga is, of course, a joke (we think!)...

Four Ways To Stop Skipping Workouts

Confession: Sometimes I skip workouts. I love lifting and getting sweaty just as much as the next lady meathead, but sometimes I just really, really, really don’t want to go to the gym. We’ve all been there; even those among us who identify as gym-junkies and fitness fanatics have had periods when getting to the...

A Spectacular Birthday Wish Come True

The idea came to Garry Stutz last...

That Time I Went to the Gym But Came Home and Lifted Wine Bottles Instead

I recently joined Planet Fitness. I’ve been struggling with my exercise regimen recently, so I was excited for the option to have the personal trainer there create a workout for me. The trainer and I met a few weeks ago to create my plan. We decided I’d do 2-3 days per week of cardio...

Finally, A Yoga Emoji!

Here’s some fun and silly…uh, we mean VERY serious news. Apple debuted new emojis and guess what? We’re finally getting a yogi! For when the prayer hands and om symbol just won’t cut it. World Emoji Day was July 17th (you knew that, right?) and the iPhone overlords at Apple celebrated by announcing some...

Fashion From the Depths of My Gym Bag

Over the course of four months, I’ll be flying from Florida to New York, Las Vegas, Michigan, California (for our retreat — will I see you there?) and Italy (by way of London). And, while it’s not unusual for me to travel a fair bit each year, this definitely exceeds my typical time...

Why It’s Time to Embrace Your Hip Dips

Did you know Marilynn Monroe had “hip...

Two Ways to Work Out at Home (Equipment Needed)

As a stay-at-home mom who freelances, I’m constantly on the go. Finding time to hit the gym is not always my top priority and, as such, it often falls to the bottom of my list — and then it just doesn’t happen. But after baby number two (my last) I’m bound and determined...


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