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Podcast Ep 38: Toni Carey of Black Girls Run

Talk about finding a need and kicking major booty as you meet that need! Our special guest is Toni Carey and she helped create Black Girls Run back in 2009 to help women of color find their bliss in running shoes. Since then she has literally helped hundreds of thousands of women get...

Glycerin 15 Giveaway and How You Can Score a Brooks Endorsement Deal

Ever thought it would be super duper cool to land an endorsement deal for running? Like, that would be the best gig ever, right? Get paid to run? Well, now you can brag to all of your friends and family that you’re officially an endorsed runner with Brooks Running through what’s being called...

Meet the Mom Who Plans to Run 100 Miles in 24 Hours

In a few days, on June 24 and 25, 48-year-old mom Bree Lambert will run The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. As if that accomplishment itself weren’t impressive, inspiring, exhausting, challenging or simply amazing enough, her goal is to finish with a time under 24 hours. If you’re not familiar with this racing format (or maybe...

How to Successfully Transition From Road Running to Trail Running

Are you a road runner who wants to venture onto less-traveled trails? If running the same paved route is starting to feel monotonous, then developing your trail-running skills and spending more time in a natural environment could be your ticket to better — and happier — running and fitness. But many women view trail...

Podcast Episode 35: Meredith Attwood of Swim Bike Mom

Are you ready for triple the usual inspiration? Check out this ep with the totally motivating Meredith Attwood of Swim Bike Mom who’s ready to help anyone who’s even just a teensy bit interested in triathlon get out and swim, bike and run.  If you’re reading this and thinking, “Triathlon? Me? No way! I...

94-Year-Old Woman Inspires Us All to Run With Purpose

School’s out. The weather is sort of decent some days. You may have been considering hitting the pavement and going for a nice run outside. Or maybe you’ve been telling yourself it’s time to sign up for that half marathon you’ve been thinking about for ages. Oh, just me? No. I’m sure I’m not...

Podcast Episode 34: Greg McQuaid

It’s time to be utterly charmed by the lovely accent of today’s Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast interview with “Irish” Greg McQuaid. Greg spent many years on San Francisco radio and became famous on air as a proud ex-smoker who took up marathon running to break up with a terrible habit. He is now on the...

Your Ultimate Pre-Race Checklist – Fit Bottomed Girls

You’ve done your training. You’ve got your gear. You’ve visualized yourself kicking so much ass and feeling so great when you cross that finish line. You are ready to run your race! So now what? What do you do with all that excited/nervous energy and how can you prepare for your best race ever? Follow this...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout on the Treadmill

Confession: I kind of love the treadmill. I don’t have one at my gym so any time I’m traveling and am in a hotel fitness center that has one, I’ll always try to hop on for some interval running or just a light jog. I find them so convenient for pacing and pushing...


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