How to Be Smart About Your Cardio Time

Your heart is a pretty important muscle,...

Train Like a Beast With This Track Workout

Think track workouts are only for serious runners? You know, the super speedy people wearing tiny shorts as they try to bring their 6:30/mile pace down to 6:15? via GIPHY Think again. Track workouts are great for all kinds of runners — including newbies and back-of-packers. Running around a track (even if it’s not a...

How to Have the Perfect Hike

Guys, it’s hiking weather. And we’ve got your step by step guide (along with some recommendations for cool products that have been sent our way!) to making your next trek a really freakin’ awesome day out on the trail. 1. Get up early. Hikes are awesome in the morning … and you know what they say...

These Running Shoes Feel Like They Were Made for Me

Have you ever put on a pair of shoes and they just felt so right and comfy that it’s almost like the running gods were smiling down upon you? Guys, that’s the experience I had with the new Brooks Running PureFlow 6 ($100). (And, yes, we’re an affiliate and a brand ambassador, but no, that...

The Complete Guide to Running With Your Dog

We love running with people, sure. But running with a dog? Well, it’s kind of the best thing ever. It’s basically like running with pure joy alongside you. And it’s something that we highly recommend — obviously taking all of the things into consideration. Which is why we put this handy dandy guide...

How to Be a Better Athlete

Every great athlete knows what happens off...

Your March Madness Workout for the Whole Tourney

  I am a basketball super-fan, so I get very excited each year when March Madness rolls around. And this year, I have a special challenge for you … No, I’m not talking about picking the winning teams in a March Madness bracket challenge. Let’s make March Madness more rewarding by trying a fitness challenge...

Why You Should Forget About the Fat Burning Settings

I absolutely love exploring program settings on cardio...

6 Ways to Make Old Exercises New And More Effective

It’s time for a gut-check. Is your...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout on the Treadmill

Confession: I kind of love the treadmill. I don’t have one at my gym so any time I’m traveling and am in a hotel fitness center that has one, I’ll always try to hop on for some interval running or just a light jog. I find them so convenient for pacing and pushing...


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