Thursday Giveaway: Case of Fawen Drinkable Soup for 3 Lucky Readers

It’s a new day … and a new giveaway for our birthday week! Just to recap what we’ve had thus far (because, OMG, it’s good and only getting even more awesome) … And today you can get in on one of the hottest healthy eating trends of the year: drinkable and delicious soup from...

Wednesday Giveaway: Fit Goodies to Pimp Your Home Gym (and Life!)

On Monday we announced we were giving away a StandDesk. On Tuesday, it was a full outfit (including shoes!) from Brooks Running. So what could today be??? via GIPHY How about a whole host of goodies from ProSource that will not only pimp out your home gym to make it fantastically awesome, but also make...

The 9-9-9 Workout – Fit Bottomed Girls

They say it’s your birthday … via GIPHY Number 9 … Number 9 … via GIPHY Beatles fans, get the hints? In case you missed it, we’re celebrating our nine-year birthday this week! (You can see all the special posts here including — yes! — AWESOME giveaways.) And, of course, we’re going to celebrate with you in...

Tuesday Giveaway: Brooks Running Outfit With Shoes

On Monday we announced that we were giving away a whole freakin’ StandDesk for our nine-year birthday, and today, we’re going to give you something awesome to wear while you stand, run, walk or do anything active (even if that’s actively recovering from your last workout): a whole Brooks Running outfit, including shoes! You guys know...

2017 Fitties: The Best Fitness- and Health-Related Products

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for …. and — quite literally — the post we’ve been working on for the past 365 days. It’s the 2017 Fitties! In case you’re new to the Fitties game or need a refresher, the Fitties are basically our version of the Oscars. And we give them out to...

Monday Giveaway: Your Very Own StandDesk!

It is the first giveaway of our birthday week, and, guys, we are starting out with a bang. A STANDING bang. Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense — but this product does, and you can win it! The StandDesk will change YOUR LIFE. It’s changed how we work, and it’s improved our health. And you can...


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