How to Successfully Transition From Road Running to Trail Running

Are you a road runner who wants to venture onto less-traveled trails? If running the same paved route is starting to feel monotonous, then developing your trail-running skills and spending more time in a natural environment could be your ticket to better — and happier — running and fitness. But many women view trail...

Our Fave Tracy Campoli Arm Workout

Looking for an arm workout that you can do at home with some light dumbbells in about 15 minutes — something that won’t get you too sweaty but has you feeling the burn? This Best of Arms Workout from Tracy Campoli is the ticket, yo. You’ll work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back … the whole...

8 Steps to Become a Runner… For Anyone Who Doesn’t Really Like Running

Running is a love/hate-activity for most people. It takes some willpower to get going, it hurts a bit during the run, but the feel-good payoff afterward makes it worth the effort. But for others, running is just a hate-activity, as in “I hate running!” And that’s completely fine. You don’t have to run to be...

The 9-9-9 Workout – Fit Bottomed Girls

They say it’s your birthday … via GIPHY Number 9 … Number 9 … via GIPHY Beatles fans, get the hints? In case you missed it, we’re celebrating our nine-year birthday this week! (You can see all the special posts here including — yes! — AWESOME giveaways.) And, of course, we’re going to celebrate with you in...

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Buying a SUP

Two years ago, I moved to a neighborhood just a couple of miles away from the beach, and immediately my husband and I began to discuss getting stand up paddleboards (SUPs, if you’re fancy). It took a while (because they certainly aren’t cheap!), but we’re now officially a two-SUP family. We’re also a one-car garage...

Train Like a Beast With This Track Workout

Think track workouts are only for serious runners? You know, the super speedy people wearing tiny shorts as they try to bring their 6:30/mile pace down to 6:15? via GIPHY Think again. Track workouts are great for all kinds of runners — including newbies and back-of-packers. Running around a track (even if it’s not a...

Videos That Are Inspiring Me to Sweat Right Now

You guys know how I love turning to social media when I need a little inspiration to get my butt in the gym, right? Well, it’s not always me asking my Facebook friends and Twitter contacts to help me out — sometimes people just share videos that make me think, “Okay, closing the computer and...

5 Motivational Tricks to Get You Pumped to Work Out

This post is sponsored by NordicTrack. Find more on our sponsored post policy here. Wish you were a gym rat? One of those folks who loved to hit the gym, hit the pavement and, well, HIIT it? Well, researchers have been studying the psychology of motivation for a looong time now, and they’ve learned...

Your March Madness Workout for the Whole Tourney

  I am a basketball super-fan, so I get very excited each year when March Madness rolls around. And this year, I have a special challenge for you … No, I’m not talking about picking the winning teams in a March Madness bracket challenge. Let’s make March Madness more rewarding by trying a fitness challenge...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout on the Treadmill

Confession: I kind of love the treadmill. I don’t have one at my gym so any time I’m traveling and am in a hotel fitness center that has one, I’ll always try to hop on for some interval running or just a light jog. I find them so convenient for pacing and pushing...


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